The Kingdom Supper

A Callaway County Tradition

For generations, Callawegians have been gathering every year in the cold of winter to share in the warmth of community spirit. Through ice storms, blizzards and wars, the Kingdom Supper has continued, uninterrupted, since 1906.

The Supper began as a proposal by the editor of the Fulton Daily Sun, A. C. Bush. On January 3, 1906, the paper reported “the idea is…..a pleasant social evening and incidentally have speeches and toasts in which the needs of the town, methods of improvement and the work of the past year may be discussed.”

For that first supper, Mayor Fowler appointed three committees.

  • Arrangements: E.W. Dunavant, Jesse Maughs, J.F. Smith, Cam Guthrie, Wallace Williams.
  • Attendance: E.N. Tuttle, E.C. Henderson, E.L. Koontz, G.W. Hamilton, Ovid Bell
  • Program: Professor J.J. Rice, Dr. M. Yates, Judge D.W. Herring, W.W. Arnold, A.C. Bush

That first supper was held at the Palace Hotel on Thursday evening, January 18, at 7:30 p.m. W.C. Harris acted as toast master. One dollar tickets were sold to 165 men. Ladies were not invited.

1906 Program

  • Fulton Forty Years Ago – C.O. Atkinson
  • The Future of Fulton – by a New-Comer – Charles M. Hay
  • Our Institutions – J.C. Humphreys
  • “The Knockers” God Forgive ’em – George W. Hamilton
  • Improvements and How to Make Them – Noble B. McKee
  • “Our City Dads” Shall we Curse ’em or Bless ’em – D.H. Harris & J. Sam Watson
  • The Kingdom of Callaway – Judge S. P. Beaven

1906 Menu

Blue Points on Half Shell
Queen Olives
Midget Pickles
Kalamazoo Celery
Baked Sea Bass
Creole Sauce
Saratoga Chips
Roast Turkey
Oyster Dressing
Cranberry Jelly
Lettuce Salad
Honey Cured Ham
Caper Sauce
French Peas
Pickled Calves Tongue
Parsley Garnish
Asparagus Tips on Toast
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake
Cocoanut Cake
Malaca Grapes

Index of Attendees

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