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History of Callaway County, Missouri was published in 1884 by the St. Louis National Historical Company, Chapter 26 pages 500 – 503. Transcribed by Kris Breid.

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1821 to 1827, Jonathan Ramsey;
1828, I. B. Grant;
1830, Frank Buford, James Jameson;
1832, James Jameson and Peter G. Glover;
1834, James Jameson;
1836, Jesse B. Thompson, William Wilkerson, James Jameson; 1838, J. A. Bent, Isaac Curd, Ben. Young;
1840, W. H. Russell, Henry Tutt;
1842, James K. Sheley, James H. Tuell;
1844, Joseph T. Bryan, George Maupin;
1846, T. W. Longley;
1848, W. H. Bailey;
1850, W. H. Bailey, J. D. McGary;
1852, C. H. Hardin, G. E. O. Hockaday;
1854, C. H. Hardin, H. S. Turner;
1856, Jefferson E. Jones, W. R. Kidwell;
1858, C. H. Hardin, I. W. Boulware;
1860, C. A. Bailey, C. R. Scholl;
1862, W. J. Jackson, M. W. Robinson;
1864, C. A. Bailey, John Sampson*;
1866, James B. Harris*, R. H. Hord*;
1868, A. F. Brown;
1870, C. W. Samuels;
1872, R. McPheeters;
1874, Jefferson F. Jones;
1876, W. H. Harrison;
1878, Henry Larrimore:
1880, —–;
1882, I. N. Sitton.

*These gentlemen, after being duly elected by the qualified voters of the county, were either expelled or their names never enrolled. Mr. Tuell, one of the most brilliant men of that day, after being triumphantly elected, suddenly disappeared one night, leaving a note on his table, stating that he was going to commit suicide. The old citizens will remember the excitement on that occasion. A general search was made to find his body, but without success. A few days afterwards he was seen in disguise going in the direction of Hannibal. He was also heard of in Washington City, where he had relatives. His mysterious actions have never been explained.
It is said in 1844 Callaway had two of the handsomest members that ever occupied seats in Representative Hall.

Circuit Judges

1821, Rufus Pettibone;
1823, Nathaniel B. Tucker;
1830, Priestly H. McBride;
1832, David Todd;
1837, Thomas Reynolds;
1840, John D. Leland;
1847, William A. Hall;
1858, John T. Redd;
1860, A. H. Buckner;
1861, Thomas J. C. Flagg;
1864, G. H. Burckhartt (present incumbent).

Circuit Clerks

Irvin O. Hockaday, 1820 to 1836;
James Basket for 1836;
George Bartley, 1842;
T. B. Nesbit, 1859;
Joseph T. Bryan, 1866;
George W. Penn, 1882.

County Clerks

Irvin O. Hockaday, 1820 to 1836;
Israel B. Grant, 1836;
T. B. Harris, 1854;
George Gamble, 1860;
W. R. Wilson, 1862;
W. H. Bailey, 1866;
James Rickenbaugh, 1870;
James D. Henderson, 1882.

County Judges

1821.–Benjamin Young, S. C. Dorris, I. B. Grant.
In 1822 Young resigned and Samuel T. Moore was appointed. 1824.–E. Fruits, S. C. Dorriss, S. T. Moore.
1825.–George King, John Conger, Samuel Boone, Isaac Bleck, Bethel Allen.
1826.–Thomas Harrison, James Henderson, Thomas Fisher, William Martin, W. Miller.
1827.–S. T. Moore, John Conger, James McKinney.
1830.– James McKinney, Samuel T. Moore, Peter G. Glover. 1831.– Peter G. Glover, S. T. Moore, James Grant.
1832.– Peter G. Glover resigned and James McKinney appointed.
1833.– Samuel T. Moore, James McKinney, John Conger. 1833.– James McKinney, John Conger, Larkin Craig.
1834.–John Yates, John R. Porter, James Baker.
1835.–W. Wilkinson, Martin Basket, James Baker.
1836.– James Baker, G. B. Hopkins, John Conger.
1837.–G. B. Hopkins, James Baker, William Smart.
1838.–James Baker, J. Freeland, G. B. Hopkins.
1839.–G. B. Hopkins, Joseph Freeland, James S. Henderson. 1840.– Joseph Freeland, George King, M. Cleveland.
1841.–M. Cleveland, G. King, W. Robinson.
1845.–G. B. Hopkins, James McClanahan, John A. Burt. 1847.–John A. Burt, James McClanahan, George W. Morris. 1850.–J. B. Leeper, J. A. Burt, James McClanahan.
1851.–John A. Burt, John B. Leeper, Michael Bright. 1852.–William H. Bailey, M. Bright, J. A. Burt.
1854.–W. H. Bailey, Michael Bright, William Carrington. 1855.– M. Bright, William H. Bailey, George B. Hopkins. 1856.–G. B. Hopkins, Joseph Flood, Charles A. Ming. 1862.–George Maupin, S. B. Collier, George E. O. Hockaday. 1863.– George E. O. Hockaday, George Bartley, S. B. Collier.
1864.–John W. Veatch, Henry F. Renoe, George Bartley; ousted in 1865 by the Governor, who appointed Thomas Ansel, H. S. Turner, J. J. P. Johnson.
In 1866 M. Bright, T. J. Ferguson and George Bartley were elected, but Governor Fletcher refused to commission them. 1867.–H. Newsone, J. J. P. Johnson, H. Turner.
1868.–W. F. Dunn, George E. O. Hockaday, George Bartley. 1869.–T. B. Nesbit, William F. Dunn, George Bartley. 1870.–W. F. Dunn, George B. Hopkins, Thomas Nesbit. 1872.–W. H. Wilkerson, William F. Dunn, George B. Hopkins. 1873.– W. F. Dunn, W. H. Wilkerson, Elijah V. Dyson. 1874.–E. V. Dyson, W. H. Wilkerson, H. Tincher.
1876.–E. V. Dyson, H. Tincher.
1878.– H. Tincher, W. Carrington.
1880.–Thomas Yates, William Carrington, Hugh Tincher. 1882.– H. Tincher, Thomas Yates, William F. Price.


1822, R. Criswell;
1823, Adam Hope;
1824, James Henderson;
1825, Willis W. Snell;
1826, Nathan Kouns;
1827, James Basket;
1828, Wharton R. Moore;
1829, Thomas G. Jones;
1830, James Baker;
1831, George Bartley;
1832, Peter Mason;
—, Wharton R. Moore;
1836, Edward Sallee;
1837, A. G. Carrouth;
1838, Samuel Ewing;
1839, Thomas G. Jones;
1840, —– —–;
1841, —– —–;
1842, Davis Gilbert;
1844, John Sampson;
1846, John Sampson;
1848, H. S. Turner;
1850, M. Bright;
1852, U. T. Miller;
1854, A. Hughes;
1856, S. B. Collier;
1858, —– —–;
1860, Joseph T. Bryan;
1862, D. Nolley;
1864, J. G. Crane;
1866, J. G. Crane;
1867, Thomas Patton;
1868, Thomas Patton;
1870, Henry C. McNeill;
1872, I. N. Sitton;
1874, I. N. Sitton;
1876, B. O. Austin;
1878, R. D. Craighead;
1880, John W. Phillips;
1882, John W. Phillips.


1820, Wynkoop Warner;
1826, Patrick Ewing;
1828, Willis W. Snell;
1832, James Basket;
1836, John Coats;
1838, James McCampbell;
1842, Robert E. Baker;
1846, George E. O. Hockaday;
1850, Thomas B. Nesbit;
1854, W. T. Snell;
1858, Samuel H. Berry;
1862, William King;
1868, John T. Henderson;
1870, Meredith T. Moore;
1872, George W. Law;
1873, W. M. Scholl;
1876, John W. Pace;
1880, James D. Henderson;
1882, W. V. Berry.
In November, 1873, William M. Scholl was elected to fill the vacancy of G. W. Law, who died August 23, 1873.


1872, Meredith T. Moore;
1874, William B. Tucker;
1880, John W. Pace;
1882, William Carrington.


1821, Irvin O. Hockaday;
1826, Samuel T. Moore;
1827, Irvin O. Hockaday;
1833, Daniel Nolley;
1843, James S. Henderson;
1860, E. Curd;
1864, B. F. Harris;
1866, S. Hensley;
1870, E. Curd;
1874, J. Sam Watson (present incumbent).


1822, Samuel T. Guthrie;
1824, Solomon Craighead;
1826, George Lamphir;
1828, Elkanah Smith;
1830, Elkanah Smith;
1832, William Buchanan;
1834, John Berry;
1835, William H. Bailey;
1836, James McKinney;
1840, William H. Bailey;
1842, James McClanahan;
1844, J. McClanahan;
1846, William Nichols;
1848, A. Wells;
1850, W. N. Pledge;
1852, W. N. Pledge;
1854, A. Wells;
1856, A. Wells;
1858, W. B. Crago;
1860, James L. Grant;
1862, —–;
1864, B. Whaley;
1866, —–;
1868, E. M. Herndon;
1870, John N. Bennett;
1872, W. H. Dawson;
1874, W. H. Dawson;
1876, W. H. Dawson;
1878, W. H. Dawson;
1880, Dr. Joseph T. Brown;
1882, Dr. Joseph T. Brown.

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