Indexed and transcribed by Kris Breid.

This is an index to the biographical section of the 1884 History of Callaway County, Missouri. Names are spelled as printed in the book. Most women are listed by their maiden names. An asterisk* beside a name indicates the individual is the subject of a biography. These biographies are typically at least one half page long and include information about parents, place of birth, occupation, and children. Names without an asterisk are individuals who are mentioned in the biography of another person.

You may request a copy of one of these biographies by sending an email to us. As requests come in (and time permits) we will also be posting transcribed biographies and providing links from this index.

Click on a letter below to go to the complete index OR scroll down on this page for links to completed transcriptions.

Name Index
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Transcribed Biographies

George Andris
Dietrich C. Arens
Vincent Arthur
J. S. Baker
N.F. Baker
Dr. Lewis S. Barnes
George G. Bartley
Martin Baskett
General M. Fred Bell
John P. Bell
John F. Betz
William L. Bittner
Cephalus Black
Samuel Black
Martha E. Boulware
Greenberry D. Boyce
James D. Branch
Francis Brandon
Alfred L. Brashear
Edward T. Bruner
Joseph T. Bryan
Thomas H. Caldwell
Captain James Callaway
Robert Callison
Thaddeus Collard
Joseph W. Coons
Albert E. Craig
Joseph L. Craig
W. T. Craig
George Criswell
James A. G. Culbertson
George W. Davis
Martin Dorriss
J. H. Dorsey
Joseph W. Driskell
George Washington Duley
John Duncan
Edward G. Elley
John Law Erwin
H. C. Evans
John F. Evans
Joseph and Jesse Everheart
Joseph H. Everheart
A. R. Fant
John L. Fant
Lynn J. Fant
Samuel M. Ferguson
Milton Findley
Benjamin Fitzgerald
Ambrose Fry
Thompson Fry

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