History of Callaway County, Missouri

Published in 1884 by the St. Louis National Historical Company
Indexed by Kris Breid

This is an index to selected sections of the 1884 History of Callaway County, Missouri, including Chapters 5 – 14 (Township Histories), Chapter 16 (Crimes, Suicides, and Incidents), Chapter19 (Different Wars), Chapter 22 (Old Settlers’ Meetings), Chapter 26 (Official Record), and pages 533 – 943, the Biographical Section.

Names are spelled as printed in the book. Most women are listed by their maiden names. An asterisk* beside a name indicates the individual is the subject of a biography. These biographies are typically at least one half page long and include information about parents, place of birth, occupation, and children. Names without an asterisk are individuals who are mentioned in the biography of another person.

All of the chapters mentioned above have been transcribed. Full text is available on this site. Some of the biographies in the biographical section have also been transcribed. Other biographies may be requested by sending an email to us. As requests come in (and time permits) we will be posting more transcriptions and providing links from this index.

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