Early South Callaway History

Interesting facts about pioneer settlements, written for the Mokane Herald-Post by William Nash Moore, 1904-1905.
Indexed by Kris Breid, May 2004

Transcription: Cote Sans Dessein

This index covers a series of articles written in 1904 and 1905 for the Mokane Herald-Post by William Nash Moore. It also includes Mr. Moore’s 1913 obituary in that paper. The Mokane Herald-Post is available on microfilm at the Callaway County Public Library.

Names have been spelled as they were in the paper, so a William Randolph Hearst may be listed separately as W. R. Hearst, Wm. Hearst, Willam Hurst, etc. If only a first name was mentioned in an article, that person is not included in this index. If a person is referred to simply as Mr., Mrs. or Miss (last name only), the last name is entered without the title. Dates refer to the date the item was published.

Items of particular interest and areas that may no longer exist are listed at the beginning of the index preceded by asterisks (*). Areas referred to as a family’s place, homestead, farm, etc. appear in the index under just the family name. Click on a letter to go to the name index.

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Places Dates
*Acorn school 1905-06-23
*Barkersville 1905-04-07, 1905-04-14, 1905-07-14
*Berry ford 1905-03-10
*Big Survey 1905-06-16
*Blue creek 1905-06-16, 1905-06-30
*Bryan 1905-02-17
*Callaway Mining Company 1904-10-14
*Coates’s Prairie 1905-05-05
*Coats Praire 1905-06-30
*Collier’s spring 1905-03-17, 1905-06-16
*Cote Sans Dessein 1904-09-16
*Effie 1905-03-10
*Elley schoolhouse 1905-06-09
*Elley’s mill 1905-04-14
*Gathright’s Store 1905-03-03
*Grand Prairie 1905-09-08
*Hall’s Creek 1905-01-13
*Ham’s Prairie 1904-11-25
*Hart’s Hole 1905-01-06
*Hinton Mill 1905-01-13, 1905-04-07
*Jackson’s mill 1905-08-25
*McGary bridge 1905-01-06
*McGary ford 1905-03-10
*Middle River Church 1905-01-20
*Mt. Tabor church 1905-04-21
*Muddy creek 1905-04-07, 1905-04-14
*Prine’s branch 1905-06-02
*Stephens’ Store 1905-02-17
*Suggett’s Springs 1904-11-25
*Sulphur Springs church 1905-03-17
*Whanger cemetery 1904-10-14

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